I was concerned about my dog who was staying inside too long during our work day. I saw a flyer and tore off the number from a local Pasadena dog park and kept it around for quite a while.



I finally reached out to Paws in Motion and I am soo happy I did. I was hesitant about giving someone keys to our home, but after meeting Matt at Paws in Motion and calling some of his references I felt very comfortable with him and knew he would take care of our fuzzy girl. He immediately was able to connect with our dog and I know she is so happy to see him during the day. Matt truly cares about his animals and ours, is responsive, and flexible with our schedule.

I am so happy and fortunate to have called Paws in Motion! I feel truly blessed to have found Matt and know he takes good care of our girl. She is probably in better shape than we are now and I know she appreciates him too. 


Paula & Bodhi

Matt and Paws in Motion has been a dream come true. We used to take our two labs to daycare on days the gardeners and housekeepers were at our house, and board them when we had to leave town and they HATED IT. Our dog Bodhi has anxiety and would come home completely stressed and one time came home sick with an infection. I heard about Matt’s business from a mutual friend, and decided to try out PIM. Matt came over to our home to meet the dogs and instantly spoke their language. Bodhi, who is usually afraid of men, was on his back having his tummy rubbed by Matt in no time.
We use PIM for both daycare and overnight boarding and (finally) have some peace of mind when we need to leave our canine kids behind. They are calm, happy and get their exercise when we are away.  Matt sends update texts and photos so we can stay connected. He is sooooo flexible with scheduling, administers medications, has a variety of payment options, does some light training with the pooches, and provides notes from their stay.  His rates are competitive with the top tier daycare and boarding facilities, but the service and individual attention your pooches get is far superior. We are so happy to have found PIM.


Matthew is like a trusted uncle with my old dog Wilbur. I know that old “Man” is in capable hands when Matt is in charge. Matt is caring, alert and capable of working out Wilbur’s need to get out on the trails. Matt also notified me to the fact that Wilbur has been out of water a couple of times lately. I recommend him highly!
~ Joe, Altadena : watch the sunset.


Buddy: I love when Matt comes over. He’s like a big kid and gets all excited and that makes me happy. I love when he plays with me, and throws the ball. And especially when he scratches my wiggly butt. I always end up with my tongue hanging out and sometimes Matt does too. He is so funny.


Skyla: I like to bark when Matt comes over and don’t stop until he pets me. This is my grand plan as it makes him pet me all the quicker, sometimes ever before he pets Buddy! I love giving him kisses, and jumping and chasing the ball. Sometimes Matt throws a special one for me that I can get before my big brother Buddy gets it. Just cos he’s bigger doesn’t mean he’s faster!


Cayleigh: Matt is great as he understands that I get annoyed with my younger siblings and may not be jumping and barking all over the place when he comes over, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want attention. Matt gives me special attention and that makes me and my mummy feel good. I don’t like chasing the ball much as Buddy usually runs me over, but hanging with Matt is pretty cool.

Nicola (from Pasadena): I love having Matt come over as a dog owner I want someone responsible, but also loving and playful with the dogs. That’s so important. Anyone can come and check that the water and food are filled, but having someone who can actually interact with the dogs is almost more important. And he really listens to my requests to play with all of them, even Old Lady Cayleigh!

© 2012 Petrea Burchard

We were very fortunate to have the chance to walk and talk with Pasadena’s own Petrea Burchard. Her blog, Pasadena Daily Photo, explores the intimate and oft-overlooked aspects of this small metropolis. Her interview and photos are after this link.





I am very fortunate to have stumbled upon a Paws In Motion LA flyer at the dog park several months ago. Ever since Sierra’s first run with Matt, I knew I would no longer be needing a dog walker. For nearly the same price as a dog walker, why not treat your dog to an exhilarating run and much needed exercise!

Sierra has already grown to love Matt like family and she always looks forward to her runs on the trails. She comes home a very tired, very happy dog, and it’s always lovely to see how peaceful and restful she is the rest of the day. I would recommend Paws In Motion LA to anyone with a dog. Trust me, they’ll thank you for it! ~ Moe, Eagle Rock


Ronnie in the Arroyo

Ten years after leaving grad school,  I made the decision to go back and finish my PhD thesis in medieval lit.

But I live alone and work full time–and my family consists of a chihuahua and a sweet, athletic German Shepherd. I couldn’t imagine how to meet their needs, but I couldn’t do the project unless I could solve the problem.

One day at a Pasadena dog park, I heard about Paws in Motion.

Now  Matt from Paws in Motion picks Ronnie up and takes her, alone or with a “pack”, to a beautiful place where she can really feel like a dog, and get a good, energetic run. I bought her a subscription at a discount. And it was surprisingly affordable. I stay home guilt-free and work at my computer, and throw toys for the chihuahua to fetch. (He would be terrified to run with Ronnie.) If you love a big dog who needs more than you can personally deliver, consider Paws in Motion. ~ Mary, S Pasadena


Lola and Vern

During the seven years that I’ve known Matt, I’ve always entrusted the care of my dogs in his capable hands. Matt has an intuitive understanding of dog behavior and genuinely cares for every pet he comes into contact with. Just try hiking with him, he stops and greets every pet on the trail. ~ Nicole


Long Er

My dog always had a great time when she spent the day with Matt. I love to look into her eyes and see the sparkle within! Thanks Matt for taking her on for those fun trips to the trails! When my dog is with Matt, I don’t worry about anything because Matt is about safety first. Matt is great with dogs: he respects each dog’s natural tendency, and they respect him. I recommend Matt to anyone who cares to give their dog a treat to the nature or just a fun stretch time! ~ Rebecca



I’ve known Matt for a few years now after meeting him while training for a marathon through Team in Training (a charity benefiting The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society). I think the only thing Matt seems to love more than running, is his dogs. I’ve been having him take my dog Molly out for runs when I get too busy at work and I love coming home to a happy, tired dog after a long day. Molly has always been a little shy and scared of other dogs but since she spends more time socializing with Matt’s dogs on the trails I’ve seen a huge improvement in her reaction to other dogs when I take her out running or walking.

She tends to be very scared of being left with other people. She learned to love Matt and gets very excited, racing around when she hears his car approaching. It’s so important to Molly’s health and happiness to get consistent exercise. I don’t know how I’d manage without a service like this. A walk simply will not take the energy out of Molly. She is so calm and happy after a good run in nature. I can’t recommend Paws in Motion more highly; you and your dog will love it! ~ Randy


Otter & Augie

matt takes us on the trails twice a week.

it’s the best part of the day,
he shows up on time (that’s important to us)
keeps a good pace, points out new wildlife
let’s us catch up on new smells
and poop as many times as we want

that is our idea of a great adventure
the only thing better is when our friends join the pack!
~ otter + augustine
~ pasadena, california


Paws in Motion is First Aid trained, Insured, and Bonded.