45 – 60 Minute Dog Run : 
Our speciality!

In-Home Pet Sitting : * New Service * 
Our professional pet sitter will stay overnight with your dogs or cats as a way to reduce the stress of boarding them away from home with the risks inherent in commercial boarding facilities.

20 Minute Dog Walk :
Out your front door, in your own neighborhood.
Good for a lunchtime potty break and leg stretch.

Dog Chauffeur :
If you need your dog picked up or dropped off at the groomers, vet or doggie day care, this is the choice for you. Local area preferred.

Other services are available. Be sure to ask.
We’re happy to cater to every pet’s individual needs.

Contact us at 213 784 7405 or


Paws in Motion is First Aid trained, Insured, and Bonded.