Site for Sophie’s Eyes

Sophie running and playing

It was about 8 months ago when I noticed changes in Sophie's behavior. When you're together for 22 hours out of the day, you notice when things are slightly off...like her not seeing the tennis ball before her while playing fetch. Or always missing the first step on stairs and bumping her chin before recovering. Not to mention that she was falling further behind on runs, slowing down, for no apparent reason.

Then came the day I could no longer ignore what I knew was happening. While running with her and training a new runner, she trotted directly into the end of a drainage pipe. While brushing that ignomy off with her usual coolness, she plowed right into one of those tall, orange, road cones.

That was it! The gray-blue haze in her eyes was physical evidence of the cataracts, while, emotionally, she was more and more "velcro'd" to my hip. She was also rubbing her face into my leg or hand as though trying to remove something from her eyes. The short of the long, I saw my vet who suggested an exam by the Eye Care folks for what appeared to be cataracts.