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We satisfy your dog's physical, instinctual, and emotional need to run fast, breathe deep, and stretch his or her legs.

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A tired dog is a happy dog with even happier owners.

Running dogs for 60 minutes

60 Minute Dog Run : $40

Our signature service! Paws in Motion loves taking to the trails with your pets at our side. You will see firsthand the rewards of physical exercise and mental stimulation on your dog’s psyche and body through their calmer moods and longer naps. When they hear our car arrive, they’re ready to leap in and get […]

90 Minute dog run Husky image

90 Minute Dog Run : $60

Back by popular demand, we offer 90 minutes of exciting running adventures! If you’re harboring a young wanna-be canine marathoner, book this service now. Extended training time on the trails is what the household needs. Each additional dog is still only $15 more per run!


60 Minute Trail Hike : $32

On days when the heat is overwhelming or you think it would be more fun for your pup to sniff the flowers, the rocks, grass, streams, and lizards, we provide the best hour of hiking anywhere in Los Angeles. Cool trails and wet streams are waiting to be explored! Each additional dog is only $15 more on […]

On-Site Overnight Pet Sitting : $75

For one night or for many, we have sitters on call who will care for your pets in the comfort of their own home. What better a way to keep their stress low and have your house cared for at the same time. We feed and walk your pets as close to their regular schedules as […]

Senior Dog Hike : $32

As your pup heads into his or her senior years, they may not be able to run as fast, jump as high or have the same stamina as their younger selves. But if they’re perfectly healthy and only experiencing some limited mobility as the result of a condition, we understand those limits and will take care to create special routes […]

Hourly Pet Sitting : $15/hour

If you need someone for a few hours to watch your pets, we’ve got the staff to match your needs. Our bonded staff will make sure your pets eat on time and are walked when needed. A week advance notice is requested but if one of our sitters is available, we can help you out […]

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Happy Dogs

They are 100% professional! Plus he came highly recommended from two other people I knew! Get your pet’s paws in motion today!
~Kevin C. & Sir Fabio

fabio flapping ears running-tiny
100% Professional

Love the photos and descriptions of walk/runs while out of town.

mavis testimonial
Staying Connected

I am so happy and fortunate to have called Paws in Motion! She is probably in better shape than we are now and I know she appreciates him too.

~Bridget B. & Tsuji

Small gray poodle dog
So happy!

My dog always had a great time when she spent the day with Paws in Motion. When my dog is with them, I don’t worry about anything because they are about safety first.
~Rebecca C & LongEr

Safety First

I love the responsiveness and how attentive they are to our dog’s needs.

testimonial Stella Illustrated-tiny
Caring and Responsive

Your pups are the stars!

Paws in Motion always shares pictures and videos from your dog's run. This video cuts together footage from many of those adventures. Enjoy!


San Gabriel Valley Dog Running Logo Header

San Gabriel Valley

Paws in Motion Griffith Park Dog Running

Griffith Park

Dog running for Downtown Los Angeles


West Hollywood dog running announcement with Runyon Canyon

West Hollywood

Three Border Collies ready to go for a dog run

Dog Running to the Ends of the Earth

When you send your pups to the trails with us…they become the stars!

Fun, Paws, and Motion : The Movie

Fun, Paws, and Motion We’ve been busy on the trails, not just making sure we get your pup’s best side but making sure we capture the fun on video. Mixed to a 60’s classic, here is Fun, Paws, and Motion for your viewing pleasure.

How Dogs Drink Water: Impressive Ingestion

The next time you’re cleaning up puddles by your dog’s water bowl, try to appreciate the science behind the mess. At the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting, researchers described the different mechanisms animals like humans, cats, and dogs use to drink. Humans, with our full cheeks, can create suction to draw in […]

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