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We satisfy your dog’s physical, instinctual, and emotional need to run fast, breathe deep, and stretch his or her legs.
A tired dog is a happy dog with even happier owners.

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60 Minute Dog Walk : $35

On days when the heat is overwhelming or you think it would be more fun for your pup to sniff the flowers, the rocks, grass, streams, and lizards, we provide the best hour of hiking anywhere in Los Angeles. Cool trails and wet streams are waiting to be explored! Each additional dog is only $20 more on these hikes.



60 Minute Dog Run : $45

Our signature service! Paws in Motion loves taking to the trails with your pets at our side. You will see firsthand the rewards of physical exercise and mental stimulation on your dog’s psyche and body through their calmer moods and longer naps. When they hear our car arrive, they’re ready to leap in and get moving! Each additional dog is only $20 more per run!



Strengthening your Core Muscles for Better Running

Doc Smith, founder of the Pasadena Pacers, is a great friend and source of running wisdom. His article goes deep into why you should develop the body’s core as the platform for your body to run strong, balanced, and injury free. TL;DR – build strength in the muscle sets between your chest and your thighs […]


Top Dog Trail Running Tips

Dog running tips to make your runs safer and more fun! 1. Scan ahead as you run. This gives you time to stop or change routes if you don’t like what you see. Rattlesnakes, stray dogs, horses, and mud are a few hazards to consider.2. Rethink using both ear buds. Trails can be busy with […]


Dog Video : Running to the Ends of the Earth

When you send your pups to the trails with us…they become the stars!

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