Paws in Motion Pet Services

Welcome to Paws in Motion Dog Running and Hiking—where the fun begins for your furry pals! We’re here to unleash the excitement, one wagging tail at a time. Picture this: your canine companions dashing through picturesque trails and conquering majestic hikes with boundless energy. From the moment we embark on our escapades, it’s all about tail-wagging, tongue-flapping, and pure doggy delight. So, get ready to join the pack and let’s create unforgettable moments of outdoor exhilaration together. Paws in Motion Dog Running and Hiking is where tails wag, paws conquer, and adventure awaits!

Services and Options

60 Minute Dog Hike
Rain or shine, we hike the nearby trails and enjoy the freedom of the sky above and earth below.
60 Minutes
60 Minute Dog Run
For a more exciting adventure, your pup will enjoy going further distances on the nearby trails.
60 minutes